A New Gay Love Story (Pt.5)
A New Gay Love Story (Pt.5) gay stories
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A New Gay Love Story (Pt.5)

I went to Kayla's house to pick her up. The moment she opened the door, I could not take my eyes over her. She looked beautiful. I just had no words to describe her. I jumped out of my car and opened the door for her letting her in and off I drove during the cold night breeze.

While driving to the movies, Kayla held my thighs and bit her lower lips. I looked over to her and stopped the car by the roadside and leaned towards her to give her a kiss. "Maybe later babe, we are gonna be late for the movies." I said.

"I just want to spend the night with you." "Yeah we can but after the movies." "Where?" "My house. Tell your mama you staying in my house for homework" "Great idea!" We continued to the movies.

After the movies, Kayla called her mum and her mum agreed on her staying with me. We headed straight to my house and entered into my bedroom. I locked the door and went to sit next to Kayla on my bed. She looked into my eyes and I went towards her for a kiss while she slowly taking off my t-shirt and me unzipping her shorts.

"But something just does not feel right." I thought to myself while kissing her so I pushed her away from me. "Am I the only one in your life right now or are you using me as your toy?!" I asked screaming. "What do you mean?" "Isn't it obvious Kayla, the other day you were crying, then you got me to kiss you and now SEX! Do you really love me or am I just your sex machine?"

"No baby! I really love you. I can prove it. I will do anything to make you believe me." "Oh yeah. Prove it." "When I had sex with my ex boyfriend before coming here, It was not fun, not meaningful. Not even the kisses. But when I kissed you, I got electrocuted. Every time you kiss me, it just gets better. Remember what you told to me and Tina? I feel the same way for you. Every

time I am next to you, I feel loved, I feel completed. I really really do like you. I will go through anything to be with you. Alone with you. I ain't a sex maniac!" She screamed crying.

Watching her cry hurts me the most. I went to her and hugged her. "Babe, I am sorry. I shouldn't have doubted you. I know you are real. Our love is real. Just stay with me okay." I looked to her eyes and gave her a deep, passionate kiss on her lips.

I know part 5 is short but part 6 is coming soon. bring this to at least 40 likes and I will post part 6. Thank you for reading anyway. I am too lazy to add pics sorry ;)

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