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I love you like a run on sentence Cuz it keeps going and going

By Matthew Torres

Run-on Sentence

by Matthew Torres

I love you like a run on sentence

Cuz it keeps going and going

And it's not formed right

But it keeps going and going

Combined compliments separated by commas

You're beautiful

And amazing

And awesome

And you make me content

And your eyes

And your hair

And your smile

And who you are


Like I said a run on sentence

Because you put all my fragments together

While I put yours

Well at least I hope I do

And we're both not perfect but we still try

And I still can't drive

And I can be immature

And sometimes my facial hair looks absurd

Like the slogan of the bubble gum I can't remember the name of

I still can't blow bubbles

And I still get nervous when popping certain questions

And I'm stupid

And im idiotic

And sometimes the stuff I do probably makes you question if I'm psychotic

But you still stay

And keep me together

Keep me from running on too long like a conjunction

And my whole life I've been told I talk too much but you listen

And care

And that means a lot to me

And if we ever play monopoly I'd make unfair negociaciones to your benefit

And that's stupid

Obviously not the only thing I'd do

I'd probably screw it up but still try

And keep going and going

Probably way too long

But still going and going

And I wish I didn't have to write poetry

And I wish I could just sing better over all

You know like those guys in those movies

With a guitar

And a well written song

And that beautiful voice that I wasn't blessed with

But your still like a microphone cuz I tell you everything

Except without the static

And the occasional high pitch noise that starts playing when you get too close

Sometimes you are like a speaker though

When you make your mouth into a little o

And breath in and blow as hard as you can into my ear to try to annoy me

But it doesn't work

But it's still funny

But sometimes a bit annoying

But even you being annoying is something that I'm in love with

So if I call you annoying

It's my own definition

And I'm not actually calling you annoying

And sorry if that's annoying

And sorry for saying sorry

For what you'd probably say is for no reason

And sorry for that and sorry for that

Until the apology itself becomes a run on sentence

But you know what

Even though run on sentences aren't always correct

I think they still get points across

Even without those little dots, that are supposed to end them

What am I gonna use bullet points

Who uses bullet points for something like this

This isn't a business meeting or a boring school assignment

But you know what

If I had a school assignment on you that'd be easy to do

But I'd probably fail cuz it'd be one big run on sentence

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