8 Not-So-Accurate Things I Believed in 2015
8 Not-So-Accurate Things I Believed in 2015 stories

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8 Not-So-Accurate Things I Believed in 2015

(That I REALLY shouldn't have.)

1. Stress is fun.

Glorifying stress is like joining a masochist competition. You're dying, crying, and lying for a chance at bragging rights.

2. Once you're productive, you can't become lazy.

Try getting a free trial to Netflix on finals week.

3. Coffee is for the weak.

Coffee grew popular in Europe around 1750. The Industrial Revolution began in 1760. You do the math.

4. You don't need friends.

The "IDGAF" attitude starts well but goes downhill real fast.

5. Starting a Business is Easy

"I have no time" turns into "I'll do it later" turns into "This idea is useless" turns into "How the hell do I start a business?"

6. Working is a hobby.

Poetry is a hobby. Gaming is a hobby. Donald Trump is a hobby. Working is NOT a hobby.

7. You're right.

But you might not be tomorrow. And you might be right again next week. Things change.

8. Fit in.

Absolutely be yourself.

Thanks for reading!

And kick ass in 2016.

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