The Pre-Game - College Edition
The Pre-Game - College Edition teendrama stories

tigress Journey from adolescence to adulthood
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This short story is a drama of a teen's first college drinking experience.

The Pre-Game - College Edition

Christina and I finally found outfits that made us feel pretty and frat party-ready.

I wore a zebra, tight-fitting vest with a black bra underneath and black jean shorts with 7-inch black snakeskin heels.

Christina wore an orange tube top and blue jean shorts with orange kitten heels. I had already practiced walking in tall heels, so I was feeling confident walking out of the dorm room at 5'11".

Lisa walked into our room wearing a green romper with gold heels, "Are you ladies ready?"

We walked through the parking garage until we reached Lisa's green Altima; Christina got in the back seat, and I hopped into the passenger seat.

As we pulled out of the parking spot, Lisa said: "We are going to pick up my friend, Jess, from Building 3 before we go to the liquor store.

" I paused, "How are we going to get liquor if we are all under 21?" Lisa chuckled, "That's why we are picking up Jess.

She just turned 21 a few weeks ago, so she will hook us up with some liquor if we give her a ride to the party.

" I responded, "That's what's up! What type of music do you listen to? Let's put on some party music to get hyped before we get there." Lisa said she listened to Hip-Hop and Top-40 music.

I connected my iPhone to her Bluetooth stereo and turned on a Top-40 radio station on Apple Music.

The song, "Tell Me When to Go" by E-40 came on and we started dancing in the car and singing along.

A few minutes later, we were at Building 3, and Jess was waiting outside in her black sparkly dress with bright yellow heels. She got into the back seat and introduced herself, "Hey ladies.

I'm Jess. I'm a junior, are you two freshmen?" Christina responded, "Yeah, we are freshman." We both said at the same time, "It's nice to meet you.

" I turned the music up loud; a Hip-Hop song came on that we all knew, and we all sang along to the song and danced in the car. We were pumped and ready for this party.

We pulled up to the liquor store, and Jess hopped out of the back seat, "What do you ladies want to drink?

" Lisa handed Jess a $20 bill and responded, "Can you get six Four Lokos for us, please?" That would be two for each of us; I hope these Four Lokos don't make me go" loca" after two of them.

A few minutes later, Jess hopped into the back seat with two brown paper bags. She handed two Four Lokos to each of us, one grape and one orange flavored.

I was never a fan of grape-flavored drinks, so I swapped my grape one with Christina's orange can. Here goes nothing.

I cracked open the tall colorful can and took a sip and it tasted like carbonated Tang. I didn't hate it, so I kept drinking. A few minutes later, I started feeling buzzed.

Lisa turned the key, started the car and said, "The frat party is about 10 minutes from here,

so you have 10 minutes to get through that can unless you want to walk into the party carrying two cans in your hands.

" Christina and I started chugging the alcohol down while Jess sipped on her small bottle of whiskey. Buzzed, I said to myself, "I hope I can walk in my heels after this.

Maybe I should've worn flats."

We pulled up to the frat house, and the street was packed full of cars. Lisa pulled down a side street and parked her car in front of a residential home.

The road was dark with one dim street light. I was scared but glad I didn't have to walk alone. Lisa cracked open her second can while Christina and I were only halfway through our first can.

Lisa grabbed my can and shook it, "Hurry up, ladies, it's 10:30!

" Christina and I looked at each other and started chugging the rest of the alcohol down while Jess continued to sip on her whiskey casually.

Why didn't I get a small bottle of whiskey? I start feeling a little light-headed. I pulled out cheese and crackers from my purse to eat.

My mom told me to eat carbs to soak up the alcohol, so as a precaution, I brought snacks. Christina reached out her hand and asked me for a cracker. I gave her two.

I knew that I couldn't finish the second can just yet, so I told Lisa that I was fine carrying the can through the party. In the back of my head, I heard my mom's voice, "Cover your drink.

You never know who might want to spike your drink." I hoped I wasn't at a party like that, but it's a frat house, so anything goes.

We got to the door, and there was a buff, White guy with a frat shirt on; he looked us up and down then pointed towards the door, "Ok ladies, enter at your own risk!" and gave us a wink.

Lisa walked in first, and I followed. Christina grabbed my hand as we walked through the party.

I looked around, and to my right, I saw a white table with red cups and people throwing balls into them. On my left, I saw a group of people snorting white stuff off of a brown wooden table.

I froze. Lisa called my name and pulled my arm, and I signaled Christina. We pushed through the large group of people to the outdoor patio--finally, fresh air.

I was already sweaty, and I hadn't even danced yet.

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