A Familiar Face - College Edition
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In this college drama, a freshman introduces her roommates to her new friend. What could go wrong?

A Familiar Face - College Edition

I officially survived my first week in college. I went to my dorm room after class and changed into my workout gear.

My goal was to avoid the "freshman 15"; they said that a lot of students gain 15 pounds during their first year of college from eating junk food and not working out,

and I didn't want to become a statistic. When I left my dorm room and went downstairs, I ran into a girl with wavy brown hair, brown sugar skin, and dark brown eyes.

I recognized her from my Spanish class. I waved at her and smiled, "Hey, are you in Spanish 101? You look familiar." She stopped and said, "Yeah, I am. I remember you from class today.

Where are you headed?" I replied, "I'm on my way to the gym. What about you?" She grinned, "Me too! We should go together. My name is Bridgette, by the way.

" I introduced myself to her, and we walked together to the school gym.

We were both on the elliptical when she asked, "So are you from Los Angeles, or did you move here for college?

" I looked at her in the mirror, "I am actually from Rancho Cucamonga, are you from this area?" Her eyes got big, "No way! Me too! I went to Rancho Cucamonga High.

Which high school did you go to?" In shock, I replied, "Wow, we both went to the same high school. I wonder why I haven't seen you until now.

" We start asking each other a bunch of questions about high school: Who did you hang out with? Who was your favorite teacher? Who were the prom king and prom queen?

Did you go to football and basketball games? Etc. Both of her brothers played on the basketball team, and oddly enough, I knew her brothers but never met her.

I found it ironic that we went to the same high school, and now we were at the same college. Her phone alarm started going off, "Sorry, I have a train to catch. I have to leave now.

" I asked her if she was going home for the weekend, and she replied with her head down, "Yeah, I commute from Rancho Cucamonga to L.A. three days a week for my classes.

My classes are spaced out, so I stay all day on campus and go to the gym or library to kill time." I told her that we should hang out again, and we exchanged phone numbers.

It was Monday afternoon, and I had an hour until my next class, Spanish 101. I decided to text Bridgette to see if she wanted to grab lunch before class.

She told me to meet her at the University Cafe next to the library. While we were at lunch, we talked about our experiences in high school and how different they were from college.

We were finally free to do whatever we wanted, which was a pretty big deal since she and I both grew up with strict parents.

I told her about the Back to School Party that I went to with my roommates and that it was my first frat party, and I invited her to come along for the next one; With an intrigued look,

Bridgette said, "That sounds cool! I've never been to a party outside of the ones my family throws for holidays.

The only thing is that I have to take the train back home for the weekend, and I wouldn't have a place to stay overnight.

" With a disappointed face, I said, "Why don't you move into the dorms? Then you wouldn't have to worry about commuting several times a week and missing out on the college events.

" She put her head down, "Well, I applied for the dorms too late, and now I am on the waitlist.

I don't know how likely it will be that I will be able to get into a dorm room so that I may be commuting for the rest of the year.

I have to wait for someone to drop out or get kicked out of the dorms before I will be able to move into one." At this point, I felt awful for Bridgette. The commute had to be tough on her.

Commuting several times a week and staying on campus from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening.

It was a University rule that you couldn't move someone into your dorm room, and if you got caught letting someone stay in your dorm for longer than 24 hours,

you would get kicked out of the dorm apartments for good.

I told her, "I wish I could let you stay at my dorm, but that is against the rules, and I don't want to risk getting kicked out of the apartment.

If you want to go to a party on a Friday or Saturday, you can sleep on the couch in my dorm room and catch the train back home in the morning.

I would just have to check my roommates first to make sure that they are ok with it. But it shouldn't be a problem, though.

How about you come over to our dorm during your next break, and I can introduce you to my roommates?

" In my mind, I figured if they met her first, they would likely be ok with her staying over for one night during the weekend.

I mean, what could go wrong? Elated, Bridgette said, "I would love to! Even though I am stuck on campus all day, I haven't met very many people.

I have a 2-hour break after Spanish class; we can go to your place afterward." I smiled, "Sounds like a plan." We both threw away our plates and headed to class together.

Ten minutes later, we arrived at Building 9. For some reason, I was feeling a little nervous but shook it off. We went up the elevator to the third floor to room 311.

I swiped my key card and entered the apartment. I told Bridgette to wait in the living room while I went to both dorm rooms to see if my roommates were home.

Lisa was in her room with the door open, and Christina was in our room studying. I asked both of them if they would come out to the living room to meet my new friend.

Christina told me to give her a few minutes to finish the page she was working on then she would be free to meet her.

Lisa went into the living room and introduced herself to Bridgette; they hit it off and had seen each other on campus before.

About 15 minutes passed, and Lisa said, "It was nice meeting you; I will see you next time. I have to get ready for class." So far, so good.

I poured Bridgette a glass of water and heard the bedroom door open; it was Christina. I walked out of the kitchen to the living room, and I saw Christina's face, she was pissed.

Confused, I asked her, "Hey, are you ok? I wanted to introduce you to my friend, Bridgette. You'll never believe it, but...

" Christina cuts me off with a stern tone, "We went to high school together, I know who Bridgette is.

I want her out of our dorm room, NOW!" Now, I was pissed off because Christina yelled at me for bringing a friend over that I had no idea she already knew.

It was unclear what their history was, but Bridgette got up off the couch and said, "It's cool, I'll leave. Thank you for having me over. I'm going to head to the gym if you want to join.

" Christina's face got "Get the hell out of my dorm room NOW!" I look at Christina, "Excuse me, she is my guest, and you don't need to yell at her like that. She said she is leaving.

Can you please go back into our room and let it go? Geez." Christina stormed off and slammed the door.

I apologized to Bridgette again; I had no idea she knew Christina, let alone that they didn't get along. Suddenly, I heard glass breaking into our room.

I had photos of family members on the wall next to my desk. I hoped this girl wasn't in our room breaking my stuff. Ugh, I did not sign up for this drama.

I walked Bridgette out of the front door to the elevator and continued to apologize.

I told her we should meet for lunch tomorrow, and she replied, "If you're down, I would still like to be friends. I am sorry Christina got so upset." The elevator dinged.

I hugged her, and she got on the elevator. I walked back to my dorm room, swiped my key, and entered. I still heard glass breaking.

What the fuck? I was pissed. I yelled, "Christina! You better not be breaking anything of mine in our room! That is not necessary.

I am going to give you a few minutes to calm down before I come into that room. You need to calm down. You aren't making any sense.

" I sat on the couch and started scrolling through my Facebook feed, and I saw a post from Christina, "I just ran into that bitch, Bridgette. I swear I could kick her ass right now.

" I palmed my face and sighed, how did we get to this point?

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