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tiff_rose313 fuck the labels, let's go bisexuals!!
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loss of heart

I lost them... the crew. The girl I was the closest with in that crew... I became desperate for love to the point I hurt the ones I loved most ... so instead i had a loss of heart. ~read on wards folks!

My heart hasn't been loved by another person or carer. i mostly feel lost most the time searching for something. LOVEEE~ ? Or ROTTEN LOVE~?

I always took risks... the ones I would regret straight after I did it.. But, no I had a strange way of showing how truly scared I was...

I was.... the little badass blonde. The type in the movies they make. Of the brown eyed blonde.. The one on their motorcycle 🏍 or just the way they did things...

I had no fear.. No shame... No care in the world.. No feelings towards the haters, the ones who had to say something about my teeth

I could walk alone.... I could go anywhere I wanted. My feet, were my true leader. They control me. Like a poppet. I can’t make my own moves so some would say....

I saw the beauty in everything. I became friends with the ‘bad kids’ But. No, they were not bad kids they just had bad backgrounds... I saw there beauty within.. I never would of question their loyalty towards me and my crew..

I saw passion in their eyes... I saw pure hearts... In the ‘bad kids’ They were more to me than that... they were leaders the type that could lead themselves to victory... No mistake about it...

We were all bad in a way... We were all troubled kids.. We never had what we truly desire.... So instead we lead each other down a path we can’t take back...

I got mistreated after the crew made a mistake together.... One told.. and I got the blame, I got hurt. But, she always had to tell the truth no matter the cost.... But, we were all in trouble after wards not just me..

I could go.... I could of left, that behind me.... But, instead I stayed with them no matter what.. Because I would never give up....

Me and my head.... I was never free my head would never let me be truly free.... this is me!!

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