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Sunday, 27 October 2019 part 2 home stories

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- OK, do you get what I told you? - Yes, I guess. Can I go to poo now?

Sunday, 27 October 2019 part 2

- OK, do you get what I told you?

- Yes, I guess. Can I go to poo now?

- -.- You do you

That was our talk then. Hearing the word 'poo' made me out of the mood to plan the educational schedule to him at that time. I needed time to get that word out of my mind.

I went to upstairs and leaned against the balcony, let my mind lead my eyes to the sky. It was 9:45, the sky with a full of tiny stars in a chilly day, strange but cute. I love that moment.

It was like you are the center of the universe but at the same time, you feel that you are nothing. You are so big but so small also.

You are shining but you're just a tiny object when comparing to the huge night sky.

I let myself be wild like that and all of the angers and negative feelings are blowing away immediately.

I felt happy and calm and relax as I was in the Milky way and see all the planets, the stars and objects of the Universe. Everything has its own soul.

We connect to everything around us by somehow. A rock, a tree, a mountain, the air, the cloud, a bird, etc.

You don't know their languages but you absolutely can understand and connect to them if you listen to yourself and open your mind. We are friends.

We are different but have numerous of similarities. We are us, but we are still one.

Wow, I felt I was truly in the mood to create a super awesome plan for my little bro about the meanings of life, but in different way.

Instead of telling him what he should do or not, I guide him and support him to find it by his own.

It is his life, I absolutely want good things will come to him but he need to work his butt off and goes for what he desires,

being a sis means helping out your bro when he needs to have some suggestions or encouragements, it doesn't mean I can control his life as the way I want.

He will become a good boy; I truly believe in it.

I came back to my room, lying down on my bed and reaching out the bag to make a bag-pillow.

I imagined some activities I can do tomorrow with my little bro in order to provide him a funny and happy time to learn a simple lesson about belief in himself.

No matter does he change his dream job or not, I will support him unconditionally once he follows his heart and has good motives in what he wants to be.

That was enough for today, I wanted to sleep right away. I didn't even want to change my clothes to pajamas or go to pee or brush my teeth.

My bed was too cozy and soft, I didn't want to move any centimeter. Yes, it was perfect to sleep like that, bag pillow, hard like rock but I could make use of the real pillow to hug it tight.

It was so warm and smelt so good. Yay, good night, my teddy bed <3

But it didn't last long, since my cute little bro came back from the toilet after pooing in a half of an hour.

He shouted: "Ha! You use your bag to make a pillow, don't wear pajamas, don't even brush your teeth and just go to bed like that."

I lied to him as a confident and strong truthy voice: "I did brush my teeth"

"No, you didn't"

"I did"

"I didn't saw you go to the bathroom; I was in it during last 30 mins and I've just finished my stuff. Then you're here with a smell like pig. I will tell mom about that."

"Don't you dare?"

"I will. Why not. You told me that I need to be equal and not bias. I do it to be good for you.

Your teeth can be damage and smell bad, everyone will stay away from you, even me, I can't help it. And you can't eat whatever you want with the weak and dirty teeth like that."

"OK. That's enough. You win. But give me your hands."

"No way. Why I have to do that?"

"Ha! So, you didn't clean your hands after pooing in all the evening. I guess that would be a worst smell and it was hard for you to escape from all of stuff in your stomach.

Long time means "it" didn't easy to come out. Am I right? Its hurt, isn't it?"

"Its not your business, sis. And it was super easy and smelt not terrible like that. It was... not too bad, I mean its normal."

"OK, I don't care much about your crap. But I asked you, did you clean your hands after doing your stuff?"

"Uhm. I..."

"Remember what I told you earlier. Be sincere and honest, if you want to a be a good person."

"OK. I didn't. But I'll do it right away, and you go to brush to teeth, too."

"And not mentioning anything of it to mom, deal?"


"Fair enough."

Then we went to the bathroom together, but the smell of his poop was still "having fun" in that room. It was even worse than I thought. I was dying, I couldn't breathe.

I shouted "WHAT DID YOU EAT?"

Luckily that I can still alive after that to share with you this story. For my little bro, he needs to learn to show his guilt of destroying the best sis ever lungs like that on the next lesson.

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