An excerpt of Sanctuary of Eden
An excerpt of Sanctuary of Eden science fiction stories
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A small excerpt of a story I' m thinking of writing.

An excerpt of Sanctuary of Eden

The Madam, wearing an all white uniform dress with white hair and skin as pale as a seashell, explained what behind the door for the man in front of her with a kind, gleaming smile.

“Oh, you’ll simply love it here in Blanka Sanktejo Eden, you won’t look a day over twenty, and you’ll always be happy. You’ll have a full night rest in thirty minutes.

Not to mention, you’ll be surrounded by people who will always like you, and you will have two sets of clothes that are self cleaning.

It is truly a paradise where you can have a robot to keep you company, a lover or a pet..or both, if that’s more your style.”

“Yeah, sure does sound good. Where do I sign up?”

“You will have to go through multiple amounts of testing so we can properly gauge where you should properly be. Lots of emotional testing, intelligence testing. It’s all part of the protocol.

We can’t just have you go and then we see that you’re mentally ill or something. If anything is wrong with you, we will give a pill to make you feel all better...and schedule a therapist. “

Hmm, is there anything else I should know?”

“The currency here is good deeds.

If you are cooperative, give out beneficial compliments, plant gardens for food or as pets, give people cards or letters of kindness, meditate often, and genuinely care about the needy and sick,

you will be extremely wealthy in this environment. “

“Do I have to make tons of friends to get more wealthy then?”

“We’re not going to force you to socialize, you can have any number of friends, heck, you could be your own best friend and that won’t affect your currency.

We just encourage you to participate in group events every once in a while and enjoy socializing when you can to the scheduled events. We’ll give you the schedule when you’re done with testing. “

“Okay. How much is it for me to go?”

“It’s free. The government is paying for all of it. We only need your signature of consenting to being here.

After the testing, I must ask you this: Which kind of food do you prefer? Do you prefer insect meat, or edible packaging? There is nothing quite like a few sea veggies.

What kind of food sounds good to you?”

“Hmm...I’ll eat some sea veggies with a Poke bowl. “

“Excellent Choice. “

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