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A third eye's perspective on a relationship dissolving...


A bubble pops. A nose wrinkles. The smell of weed dances through the air hitting my nose once or twice. ok.

More like punches my face then I'm numb with the smell and the constant state of drug induced infatuation.

He and she just broke up. Long story short, he was unable to let go of his... addiction. And she so desperately wanted him to.

I just remember watching everything unfold and it was as if they were both spinning out of control. Grasping at each other for some form of connection. brevity. stability. But it never worked.

It never stuck.

I'm sinking in his bed. more like the bed is engulfing my body as my mind spirals left and right. I faintly remember him putting on LA Confidential.

Something about it being on the "top 100 movies to watch b4 u die" list. My arms feel so heavy. I can't move at all. The spring rolls I brought are lying there. forgotten. Where there is.

I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't fucking know. my right hand is twitching. A man falls to the ground on screen.

She vividly recalls what happened. A mug of tea in my hand sits luke warm. The beverage was too hot when I received it and she was making me drink it out of a penis straw. Hilarious.

She fidgets and pulls her shorts down. Eyes tired. Hair unkempt. The tidy apartment is currently in disarray with clothes strewn about and unwashed dishes sit awaiting their turn.

I can hear the 94A rush by her window and the sound of drag queens laughing on the street. She's been staring at her hands for a while now. She fidgets and scratches her nose.

The television is screaming with noise and colour. I can tell, because I can see and hear it screaming with noise and colour. My peripherals went missing about 30 minutes ago.

I can't taste my tongue as it is as dry as the sahara desert. This movie is painstakingly long. I force everything I can into turning my head to look at him.

The television screen is less daunting on another persons face. His eyes are straining to watch but I can see his eyelids pulling downwards. The chair swivels to the right. Then to the left.

right. left. It's gentle, as if he was rocking himself to sleep. The colours on the screen flash orange and his face lights up. eyes flash open momentarily, neck pulls in, and hands grip.

then, like watching honey slide out from its jar, he slinks back into the chair, and repositions himself as before. I become encapsulated by the bed and my mind spirals into fucking oblivion.

Its fine. Everything is fine she says. He'll come back. He always does. But what if he doesn't. Her eyes flick towards me quickly then they look back to the screen.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life is on. The television gleams with bright music and laughter. Bright colours pop on the screen. She leans back into her chair and shrugs off my statement.

But what if he doesn't come back. The air rings with the echo of that last statement. tick tock. tick tock. tick tock. Tick. Tock. It would be fine then. my head snaps to look at her. an answer.

And not the answer I was expecting. She's still focused on the television. Eyes determined now. Her lower lip is set and her hands stopped fidgeting.

I feel my mouth grinning and my realization of her revelation is astronomical. She notices my glee and shoots me a look that is somewhat annoyed and somewhat pleased.

The show goes to commercial and she sits back into the chair letting it rock with the beat of the glaring screen.

I tear my smiling eyes away from her as I hear drag queens cackle out in the city streets.

They got back together the next day. It was all very hush hush. there were never any glances in class. The utmost of professionals these two.

but after the 9 hours were done they would walk away together. never too close, but close enough. She was taller than him, and his hair was longer than hers. The utmost of peculiars these two.

I lay on her couch. She generously let me sleep over even though her roommate is the spanish devil. Tick Tock. Tick Tock. Tick Tock. Its around 10:45.

I feel my eyes start to get heavy and the couch lets me sink into its hard surface. My back hurts when I wake.

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