Entry 12 - April 25.19
Entry 12 - April 25.19 break ups stories

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A discussion about break-ups with new friends.

Entry 12 - April 25.19

"I shit you not, she was there. I saw her with these two eyes." Kacy widened. Her two, spoken of, eyes bulging.

Her face was shaped like a Roman helmet with her jaw sharp and lower lip broadly set. I sighed and gave her a resigned look.

It was the least I should do especially after what had happened Friday night. Such callous behaviour from Z. They had just broken up after all.

Kacey sunk back into the blue and white striped lawn chair. Creaking joints and plastic fabric wrapped around an aluminum frame. 10$ for 3 from walmart if I remember my receipt correctly.

She took her lips to her lager. Condensation glistening in the sunset. She knocked it back, grabbed number 3 and snapped it open. Finished it. Number 4. Finished it? No. Just halfway finished.

She wiped her mouth and her head lolled on her neck. Thin hair gently straying upon her face. I looked at my beer. Only my 1st one. My vice of choice was weed.

My paranoia loved it when I took a gentle inhale of a poorly rolled joint and my mind weaned into a depressed neurotic state of 4-5 hours of constantly thinking about - - -

Snap back. I shook my head, bangs heavy and in need of a haircut danced across my eyelashes. I question if Kacy was even aware with how obsessed she has become. Maybe even delusional.

Then again, I'm not one to talk. I can truly be overbearing to the point of charade and annoyance. The sun was almost clearing the horizon line.

Burnt orange flecks streamed across Kacey's tired somber face, highlighting every fold of facial muscle and skin. Wrinkles looked like scars, her eyes held a look of blank wonderment.

A drop of beer was yet to be wiped from her lower lip, yet nothing moved her from her sunken chair position. I sat up a bit, widening my shoulders and took a quick inhale through my nose.

"And I shit you not when I say this" I replied with gusto, my free left hand gesturing wildly to the dusk," She probably doesn't even have a clue as to what is happening.

" I shrugged and took the lager to my lips, draining the last half of the can. The condensation wet and warm on my hands. Clinging to my every last skin cell before falling to the grass below.

A young black man yelled smiling, " This world is corrupted!" disbelief on his eyebrows and in the corners of his cheeks.

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