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thus_child Just call me Yandere.
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My emotional poem

sometimes my tears are like rain

they can flood everything out, and only leave my sanity intact

or they can wash out the bad things that I can't hold onto

or like how it drowneds others out with nothing

it's realy hard to get rid of

or like the wind

it's like how sometimes my emotion comes in waves

sometimes wind can be nice, showing more of a cool and calm me

sometimes it can show my cold, and lifeless side

and other times it can hurt you, like needles against your skin

or like fire

my eternal rage

sometimes I have enough to make life a real hell

and others I can burn people with it as well

sometimes it is good, and other times it is bad

Or like cherry-blossoms

they only bloom so many times in it's lifetime, just like my love

and with proper care you can make them blossom

or other times you just let them die

like my love, it only happens so may times ever. and when it does, it dies

or like a ghost

sometimes I am never realy there

never realy there for anything

just a figment of peoples mind, of how they see me

sometimes I am a phantom, making people mad

without even being there to do it

I do realy appreciate that you took time out of your day to read this

and I realy do than all the people that are here for me, even when I don't want anyone here

even if I make you go mad

just know

I will always appreciate` the things that you all do for me

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