Blood and Roses

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Backstabbed by Jeff the Killer. And saved by Offender. How will your life get any better. Or worse knowing that you are only human, or you think.

Blood and Roses

Disclaimer, this chapter will not be Smut. But you neeed to read this chapter. It's the most important thing ever. In the series of course. Explanations shall be LATER.

You begin walking into the forest, the same one your mother always told you to stay out of. Her voice echos in your mind making you think, why is this forest so bad? You continue to walk not noticing the crunching of twigs and leafs following you.

-Jeff's pov- I continue to walk behind the trees. Jeff starts to think in his head, almost if he was talking to you. I realy don't care if I make a few leafs crunch. I'm following you, you can't escape me. I know nothing of who you are, but you are now my prey.

-Your pov- Jeff the killer jumps out at you, stabbing you two times in the chest. Missing any needed organs. You lay there on the floor after Jeff has left waiting for the warm hand of death to take you away. Two days later, you continue to lay there. Stunned by the fact that your still alive,

-Offenders pov- You walk past a girl laying there in a pool of her own blood. You pick the girl up, holding her cold limp body close to you. You check her breathing, her breath is short and heavy. You decide to take her home, to try and make sure she lives.

You bring the girl home worried for her life. You remove her ripped shirt, and stained shorts. You hook her up to medical items needed to keep her alive. And you lay her on a hospital bed, and pray for the best.

-Your pov- You doze off into noting but black. A warm grip awakens you. You look around and see An IV stuck in your arm taped in place. You see other necessary hospital items.

And a hospital bed, that you are laying on. And a nightstand with a vase full of live flowers. The door opens, to see only a bright light almost blinding you. A tall white figure walks in, you first register it as an angle coming to take you away from the world.

You feel a sense of comfort in his presence. The person walk up to you and you can see the pale face. With only a smile that resonates on his face. And you can make out a long black trench coat, and a black fedora. He sits on the foot of the bed.

You ask "Who are you? And how did I get here?". You look into his eyes, as if he had them. He chuckles, and you lose the smile that had bein present on your face. You go to move, and you feel something tug on your wrists holding you down.

You look at the man confused, and you go to move again, realizing that you are strapped to the bed. The mans smile widens more. "Let me go, you-you." The man steps closer and you can see that all he is wearing is a trench coat and boxers. You blush a bit.

-Offenders pov- You strap her to the bed, and wait for two more hours before she wakes up. She wakes up and struggles to get out of the registrants. I walk closer to her, and I see her blush after she looks at me.

"Whats Wrong. You aren't comfortable? You know why I restrained you, right? Just so you wouldn't try to kill me or anything." you walk over to the girl on the bed. You let her go, letting her sit up. She smiles and looks at you.

-Your pov- The tall man lets you go, you sit up and smile at him. Making him feel more happy that you are too. "So? Um... who are you?" I look him in the eyes, if he had them. The man smiles back at me. You tilt your head to the left.

-Offenders pov- The girl looks at you. you respond to her, to a useless question. "I'm Offender, and I will be taking care of you until you are better. And your name is?" you look her in her eyes. She looks scared and worried.

-Your pov- Offender asks my name, as If I was a little girl. Since I look like I am only 16. "My name, oh. Hehe It's Angle. But you can call me anything realy." your stomach growls, filling the room with sound. "I think I'm hungry." The man leaves and brings back food.

You finish the food quickly, Offender smiles. As he goes to stoke your cheek. You stay still excepting the offer, he pets your cheek. You say something soft and discreet that only Offender Is supposed to hear.

-Offenders pov- I place food in front of the girl, she finishes it quickly. You smile, and you stroke the girls cheek lightly. She rubs her face into your hand, and she smiles. Something slips through her closed lips that only you were supposed to hear.

-Narrators pov- "I love you" says Angle, she smiles. Offender smiles too, he holds Angle close. And Angle falls asleep in Offenders warm arms. Offender drifts off into sleep. "Sorry but that's all FOR NOW!!!"

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