Rain don't go away
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A story of raining emotions.

Rain don't go away

That day I was walking back from work. I was half of my way to my home and it suddenly started raining. I didn't had any umbrella so I ran to a nearby tree to take shelter.

"What an amazing day !" I yelled. "I just hate rain" I said as I was wiping the water from my face. "You shouldn't" a voice whispered behind me. I was terrified with these words.

I looked back to find a tall, handsome, blue eyed figure smiling at me. That smile is the most peaceful thing I had ever saw. "Who are you?" I asked "May be a ghost", he chuckled I looked at him with horror in my eyes.

"By the way why you hate rains?" he asked me "Why are you so interested to know?" I said angrily. "No, nothing I just want to know that how someone can hate rain?" he said "Did you had a breakup on a rainy day like this?" he said again teasingly.

"Hey you, you are crossing your limits." I yelled. " Oh sorry, but I want to know that what made you to hate rain?" he asked " Because rain is disgusting. It just comes to ruin lives" I stated. "To ruin lives!" he was asked in a confused voice.

"Yes, it does ruin lives, like it ruined my life," I said in a crying voice. "Whenever it rains my life becomes more vulnerable." He looked at me and mumble something.

"I was five when my parents disowned me only because I was a girl. I can clearly remember it was raining that day My grandparents died in an accident who were my only hope after my parents, it was also raining that day.

I got fired from my work because it was raining and i could not make it on time. Now I work at a low cost in a restaurant to survive on my own and you are asking me why I hate rain ! See again it is raining may be another problem is coming" Tears started falling from my eyes.

The man looked at me with teary eyes. I thought he was going to show some sympathy as other people do but I was wrong. To my surprise, he started laughing but I could still see those tears in his eyes. "Are you making fun of me?" I asked in a loud voice.

"No, i am laughing at your ignorance" he said in a serious voice this time. "Why you think that you are the only one who was or is hurt?" he asked "What are you talking about?" I was confused with his question. "I can say one thing you are hating rain but rain helped you everytime." he said

"Helped?" I questioned " Yes, it helped you, everytime" he answered. "Oh wow Mr. Psychic , please make me understand your supernatural theory. " Sure" he smiled

"Your previous boss was a pervert, he ruined lives of many girls, and you were his next target." " What?" I was surprised. "Yes, you said your grandparents died in an accident, right?" "Yes, they were going to meet a friend." I said

"Yes, and as I know you were also going with." he said "Yes, you are right, but because it was raining I couldn't come back from school and they left without me and then met an accident." I completed his sentence. "So you are accepting that rain saved you from that deadly accident?" he asked.

I was surprised. Every inch of his word was right on point. Why didn't I think that way! I wiped my tears and asked him, "then what about my parents?" He paused a bit then looked at me.

"They were not good persons," he said with a serious look on his face. "How dare you?" I said furiously. "Yes, they weren't," he said calmly.

After a pause, he started again, "Your father was an alcoholic, your mother had an affair with someone else. They wanted to sell you for money to an old man but at the last moment, the deal got canceled because it started raining and that man couldn't come and your parents flew away leaving you. So this time also the rain saved you."

I was stunned, My emotions weren't in my control. I was crying. Tears were rolling from my eyes. I didn't know what to say or how to react. I was sad but relived because I got all answers to my questions that troubled me all through these years.

Suddenly the rain stopped. I heard a loud thud. I turned to see my neighbors. They told me that there was gun firing in the apartment building where l live. Six people got killed and many people are injured and that it's my luck that I wasn't there at that time.

I turned to where that man was standing but to my surprise, there wasn't anyone. I kneeled down there and started crying like a kid. I already had understood everything.

"It saved me again," I said like a lunatic. Everyone gave me a puzzled look. I cried so hard. The rain started falling again, wiping out my all tears it touched the ground. I thought in my mind, "please, rain don't go away"

Till today I don't know who was that man. Maybe he was a ghost as he said, but for me, he is an angel who gave me a new light in life Now I love rain. I don't want it to go away.

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