What makes me less than you?

What makes me less than you?  thoughts stories

thougtfuldragon struggling to float, drowning w/o a boat
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Do not discredit my Blackness.

What makes me less than you?

I was given beautiful Black skin by the God that you claim to worship, but somehow, my mere existence is a sin.

Right out of the womb, I was a target, and out, I had to find love from within.

God said thou shalt not kill and to respect thy neighbor, but I guess that doesn't apply to me.

I suppose my Blackness hampers me from receiving love, from being human.

I thought a child being formed in the belly was considered a human to you.

But what of me? I made it 18 years yet my life was a mistake, huh?

I mean, it must be because my skin isn't like yours.

Or maybe I'm not like others.

Other what? Humans? You're not like others either. You're worse. You're a part of the problem.

You're selecting only what is like you, but we are not alike.

I am better.

I am Black just like those "others".

I am smart.

I am compassionate and loving to all. The skin does not matter.

You do not see color?

Well you better start, because you have to see me.

You will not drown my color out. My skin does not allow it.

It shines and glows at all times,

demanding you to bask in its glory

and commanding you to give me my respect and my dignity.

I am Black.

We will not forget our fallen, and we will make sure that you do not either. We are all humans. Skin complexion is a matter of biology. You must see my color. It is part of a culture. It is beautiful. It is us.

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