If, If, If [2]
If, If, If [2] feel stories

thougtfuldragon struggling to float, drowning w/o a boat
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Post from my Wattpad messageboard around 9pm EDT, Saturday May 16, 2020. I was and still am going through it.

Link to my Wattpad account, FriendlyDragon478 in the source link.

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If, If, If [2]

I realize now that I have mastered the art of crying with no sound. Here, on my bed, I lay. I stare up at the ceiling blankly, tears rolling down each side of my face.

Yet I still hate crying. It only ever made things worse. How much longer can I stay here? I left, but when I leave again, is it only to come back? Am I constrained to some Boomerang?

How much longer can I take this?

How much longer until I fully snap and finally decide let's just end it all?

How can I live when every day it feels like another piece of me dies, buried, deep, deep, deep in a place that I cannot find?

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