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thougtfuldragon struggling to float, drowning w/o a boat
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how it feels to cry.


after "i can't think," i added the rest for the aug. 1, 2020 'burn' challenge.


every tear i cry is sharp,

the salt bitter on my tongue, drying my mouth like a quickly wilting flower

tearing down my face, ripping it apart, flesh from bone, bone from flesh, ragged cuts

the stains can be washed away, but the intense pain stays

each jab, every stab, jagged- my heart strings torn and battered

my throat closes up, i'm choking, gasping, screaming for air

i can't breathe, i'm suffocating,

the darkness consumes me, or is it the light?

how do i get out of this plight? is it even worth the fight?

my ribs and limbs distorted, my mind heavy, brain in disarray

i can't think- which way is right, what's wrong, nails! claw away the pain, stop the dreadful song

the tears scorch my cheeks, my face heats up from the terrifyingly calm warmth

my mind set ablaze, thoughts a hazard, neurons surely charred from my internal inferno

the flames of my brain's hemispheres crack and pop from neuro shortages,

those lapping flames reach my vocal cords and devour my whimpers, my wails

as hot coals press down on my lungs, stripping me of oxygen

until all that's left is ember, my flame is almost out, i'm going up in smoke, the pain searing me is no benevolent hearth, it's violent, it's angry, hurt, sparks fizzling out from the burn.

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