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thiswildchild are you living your dream?
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ever wondered?

by thiswildchild

i just _ _ _ _ someone.

used or need?

how many times have you stayed up at night?

did you ever think about your life? thought about things that you regret doing?

what about the stars?

do you think that the sky is like your head too?

what about the road?

do you know when your journey's gonna end?

we don't know anything about the future

and the future doesn't know anything about us

but if we try

if we try to become better

if we try to consider

if we try to start caring

if we start to learn

if we start to care

if we start to do something to help

then maybe there's something good in this world

maybe it isn't as bad as it looks like

or as bad as it sounds

are you living your dream?

well I'm getting there, you should too

thank you.

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