Flame and Fade
Flame and Fade sun stories

thislittlelight even a tiny flame can defeat the dark
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A short poem about sunshine.

Flame and Fade

Out from the clouds, the sun resounds

And nothing is the same.

Leaves of jade are plunged to shade

And shadows sink to blacker ink,

But spider webs appear and wear

A bright and brilliant flame.

The laundry fades, the sidewalks blaze,

The puddles turn to sky.

Blinding rays transform the grays

And tiny leaves wear haloed gleam,

But lofty boughs are dwindled down

To stripes against the sky.

Thanks for reading! It's interesting to me how bright sunlight hides some things and highlights others. Tiny little leaves and spider webs become suddenly beautiful, while lofty trees are reduced to silhouettes. Sometimes, the last are first and the first are last. Sometimes the lofty are humbled and the lowly are honored. I find this beautiful.

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