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This is how I react to commitment.


by thisisstacia

I'm terrified of commitment

because what if they feel like they're settling?

What if I have to completely open up about myself?

What if I have to lose control?

What if they're just playing me,

and I shouldn't be trusting them?

What if they see every side of me

and every one of my flaws

and decide to leave?

What if I don't even trust myself, let alone other people?

What if I get too attached and wonder what I ever did

without them, and then they rip themselves from my life?

What if I have to be vulnerable?

What if they're not as serious about me as I am about them?

What if it all goes wrong and I've wasted my time

with the wrong person?

What if it becomes boring or dull?

What if I'm the one who wants to leave but I can't

because I'm scared of hurting them?

What if it becomes not just about me but about both of us


What if I become a reflection of their personality

and I have to comply with expectations?

What if I'm not able to act anymore, but I have to?

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