Regret 🏳️
Regret 🏳️ regret stories

thisguybrandon 23 - Poetry ♥️
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A quick write for the prompt.

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Regret 🏳️

hindsight offers perfect vision, on correcting past decisions, i should’ve done things so much different, oh why oh why did i not listen?

no matter how much i rearrange, bury truth with lies, i disengage, torture, torment, the past can’t change, forgiveness remains just out of range.

it won’t hide forever, internal pain, months, years, the truth remains, pointing fingers, passing blame, how can i trust myself again?

i need answers, wrong or right, whatever helps me sleep at night, it’s dangerous when my minds alight, because spoken words, you can’t rewrite.

anger invited more mistakes, a glass heart can’t survive earthquakes, consumed by rage, but it’s not too late, to accept that you’re not perfect-made.

without regret you lose foresight, to make your choice of wrong or right, for the dark memories that i recite, are those that help me see the light.

so i forgive myself but won’t forget, for no sunrise is without sunset, and i would live only to cause upset, if my heart was unable to regret.


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