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There is nothing more intimidating than an empty page.

Thank you for reading what came of it.


Lost emotions pinball around my brain, insert another coin, i wanna try again, locate the pain, man i swear this ain’t a game, just know i’d do it all better if i only had the change.

If only i could change, truly come of age, escape this maze, reshape and rearrange, but feelings are scary when you see them face to face, instead of sharing i shout “mum, it’s not a phase”.

I retreat from my rage to a fear infused cage, my hearts in restraint, yet my brain is to blame, every day i grab a pen and i try to explain, but nothing’s more intimidating than an empty page.

Ink hides answers i crave, but slanders my name, as those who cause pain, are cursed with the same, a shame, even lucifer was an angels name, now a symbol of the demons haunted minds obtain.

yes mine’s the same, accustomed to rain, they claim life’s a work of art that you’re destined to paint, but grey is still grey no matter how many shades, and nothing’s picture perfect within crooked frames.

if only i could change.

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