Locked Diary.
Locked Diary. poetry stories

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Locked Diary.

Your heart is a locked diary, and your mind, it holds the key. I want to read your every word, but you won’t let me see.

I spy pages tinged with blood, yet the cover is the sea. Tranquil at first glance, but dangerous when too deep.

I just want to read a chapter, to understand those eyes. For every burst of laughter, holds back even stronger cries.

You suffer within silence, hide your secrets deep below. Then claim it’s for the best, I couldn’t handle what you know.

Who am i to say that’s wrong? You could be pandora’s box. If i was to find your key, who knows what could be unlocked?

But when i care about someone, i want to share their story. What’s the point in reading, if you close when it gets gory?

It’s not my choice to make, so i will wait beyond forever. For the story of your life, that we can keep writing together.

Your heart is a locked diary, and patience is the key. For now i’ll keep it safe, until your ready for me to see.

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