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thisguybrandon 23 - Poetry ♥️
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Thank you and goodbye.

Goodbye 📕

Let’s talk and learn of words untold, what truths you hide deep inside, let’s walk and see what paths unfold, and watch our winding roads untwine.

Let’s write our chapters in books unsold, you share yours and i’ll share mine, let’s talk and talk and talk tenfold, until we no longer have the time.

If to heal is to feel something real, then maybe we won’t feel at all, open wounds that we seal with a deal, that lately you wanted more and more.

I kneel and search for an appeal, through these eyes that grow so sore, rose tints have turned into teal, a sea of sadness with no sign of shore.

She saw my eyes fill and glaze over, until they revealed untold emotion, she sold me lies i would ignore when sober, the drink is more like a truth potion.

Telling me why she would never be over, the wheels we once set into motion, and cold we cry in search of closure, but losing love is a slow erosion.

So we talk and talk and talk some more, she told me lies to make me smile, and so we sat down on the floor, we sat alone, together a while.

She grabbed my hand and said let’s walk, bittersweet, our final mile, i said goodbye, our final talk, she didn’t cry, it’s not her style.

I then went home, shut the door, and pressed my back up against it, regret builds up more and more, when i realize that you really meant it.

And for each tear that hits the floor, old memories are clearly presented, i blame myself, my heart is sore, our love a poison but rose scented.

I leave my clothes on, and my shoes, then fall on to my bed face down, i wonder if she feels this too? you know, when your soul just frowns?

I cry until my eyes are through, finally fed up of my meltdown, i drift to sleep from real life to, a dream, no, a nightmare town.

That was it, the end of a chapter, and so the next begins, recovering from the ever after, that happy was never within.

My story’s long, to get to laughter, we have to experience tears, word by word, thereinafter, you’ll reach your better years.


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