Boys Hurt Too🙍‍♂️
Boys Hurt Too🙍‍♂️ boys stories

thisguybrandon 23 - Poetry 💔
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Not an easy read. I hope you don’t relate, if you do, i’m here for you♥️

Boys Hurt Too🙍‍♂️

Boys hurt too, i feel pain, constantly at the mercy to my twisted brain, a piece of me is missing i don’t feel the same, as when i was a child, things just aren’t the same.

Boys hurt too, i feel pain, living with an emptiness i just can’t explain, my hollow heart barely beats i just can’t contain, all these dark thoughts and feelings, things just aren’t the same.

Things sure have changed, from when i was young, wish i could go back to days of innocent fun, no knowledge of the shell i was soon to become, playing in the streets until we cant see the sun.

Things sure have spun, now i don’t leave the house, living in a darkness that i welcomed about, i don’t understand, my brain never allows, for me to see reason, no matter how loud i shout!

No matter how loud i scream, i fall apart at the seams, i’ll never reach a pipe dream i seem to theme, with my heart’s mixed messages getting between, my mind and my body, they won’t work as a team.

So i’ll never escape, i’m infested with hate, nobody seems to get it, no one can relate, my feelings are unique, but you know what they say, i’m a boy, man up, you shouldn’t be feeling this way.

but boys hurt too, i feel pain, i’m in a constant battle with my twisted brain, i’m losing myself, i just don’t feel the same, as when i was a child things just ain’t the same.

Boys hurt too, i feel pain, i try to talk about it but i just can’t explain, these emotions shake my soul i just can’t contain, these dark thoughts and feelings things just ain’t the same.

Things sure seem bleak, and i sure feel weak, all people tell me to do is stand up and speak, but i don’t have the words for why im a freak, i’m a mute when i comes to why i’m unique.

I’m a mouse in a maze, i am lost i am dazed, i’m alone no matter what anyone says, eyes constantly glazed, knees constantly grazed, from falling over hope, a trap my confidence lays.

It never remains, and so the fight continues, my body and my brain can never fight as equals, because my mind seems to find the deepest darkest evils, to ensure after this there won’t be any sequels.

I do my self a disservice by continuing to try, it makes the crash worse, because i’m living a lie, im scared of the judgement, i don’t know why i cry, someone please fix me, i don’t want to die.

Boys hurt too, i feel pain, i feel the only cure is a shot to the brain. i’m scared, i’m alone, will these feelings remain? what’s wrong with me? tell me why i feel this way.


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