An Ode to the Undying.
An Ode to the Undying. sonnet stories

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An Ode to the People who have vowed never to give up, no matter how rough the road, nor how bitter the circumstance.

An Ode to the Undying.

In Darkness forged, we were wrought to seek the Light.

And even though time has sculpted our doubts and our fears,

We were not constrained by the chains of the years, nor the flood of our tears.

Never once did we find ourselves lacking in Might.

Upon our shoulders rests but the weight of our Fate.

Within us, we carry and kindle an Undying Flame

Tell us now, dear stranger, if you must, our name,

Bear it down upon us, like God's sins upon the World Innate.

Stranger, in you rests a kindred spirit; but also a worshipper of idols false;

Enlightenment lies within your reach, so why do you not long for its embrace?

Seek beyond what lies in life and death, who are forever bound to dance their infinite waltz;

And in doing so, unto love you shall clasp, and among us you will find your own place.

We were wrought to seek the Light, and carry the weight of our Fate;

Though perhaps - in the end - it is you, upon which we were destined to wait.

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