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We had a team review THOUSANDS of recommended book blogs and write short reviews of the best ones they found! If you were selected, congratulations!! Here are some of the best ones

1. http://booksandpals.blogs...
2. https://twoendsofthepen.b...
3. http://www.socialbookshel...
5. http://www.thelesbianrevi...
6. https://crimebookjunkie.c...
8. http://uptildawnbookblog....
9. https://fictionophile.wor...
10. https://jenmedsbookreview...
13. http://www.mrripleysencha...
14. https://marthasbookshelf....
15. http://mundiekids.blogspo...
16. https://feedyourfictionad...
17. https://unconventionalboo...
18. http://nocturnalbookrevie...
19. http://readingforsanity.b...
21. http://awfullibrarybooks....
23. https://blbooks.blogspot....
24. http://www.underthecovers...
26. http://beasbooknook.blogs...
28. http://urbanfantasyinvest...
29. http://darkestsins.blogsp...
30. http://whatsbetterthanboo...
31. http://horrormaiden.blogs...
32. http://www.readsalltheboo...
33. http://www.cindysbookbing...

Here are some of the best blogs, with the Writer Award team evaluation. Check the description section for the links to the blogs.

1. BigAl's Books and Pals

We were blown away by this team's ability to produce constant, high quality reviews. There is a new review every couple of days. Hundreds of reviews EVERY YEAR! They have a very active and friendly team if you want your book reviewed.

2. Two Ends Of The Pen

We really liked that the reviews are super in-depth and also include visuals and author bios. Research and effort really went into every post. A lot of author interviews too. If you love books, you'll love this blog!

3. SocialBookshelves

Dane, the wonderful creator of the blog, reviews everything from poetry to nonfiction to normal fiction. You can see his passion clearly through every review.

4. The Book Hookup

One of the most beautiful book blogs we've ever seen. The rating system is super comprehensive and breaks down each book into ratings of cover, plot, and more.

5. The Lesbian Review

The website looks extremely professional and there is a great team behind it. Gorgeous design, frequent reviews, and a responsive and large team make this a huge plus! You will find tons of resources all around the site from movie suggestions and top lists.

6. CrimeBookJunkie

A very active blog focused specifically on crime novels! The blog regularly features guest reviewers. If you like Crime, Thrillers, or Mystery, you will LOVE this blog.

7. Review Tales

Run by somebody well-versed in the publishing community. She contributes a lot and also works as a marketer for a publisher. The posts are split into a summary and review. They feature some graphics that really get you into the review.

8. Up Til Dawn

She loves Double Stuff Oreos. Need us say more? Just kidding. The blog is extremely well organized. The blog features many giveaways, interviews, reviews, tips, and more. It's a very impressive, all purpose blog.

9. Fictionophile

From quotes to beautiful covers to reviews to recommendations to author interviews. There is even a section for really cool words! It has pictures of cute animals on it, which is always a place. The blog is filled with beautiful visuals, gifs, and even emojis.

Jen Med's Book Review Blog

This blog nicely weaves in the author's own adventures through weekly recaps. It's like your'e following a bookish journey from book tours to recaps to the reviews themselves. The creator's personality really shines through!

11. Girl + Book

Very fancy and modern feel to the blog. If you like YA, this is your destination. Can be hard to navigate at times, but the trendy feeling and great content really brings the voice of the creators forward.

12. Bite Into Books

Esther's personality really shines through ever pixel of this site. The site's design, voice, and reviews fit extremely well with her theme. She uses apples to rate each book! If she reviews your book, you better hope you get 5 apples!

13. Mr Ripleys Enchanted Books

This blog is filled with a lot of juicy and interesting guest posts. The reviews themselves really take advantage of the different fonts, images, and styles to share thoughts.

14. Martha's Bookshelf

There is a nice community around Martha's reviews. Just look at the comments section and you'll see people really engaging. Her reading lists make it very easy to go through and find books.

15. Mundie Kids

This is the cutest blog. She uses little owls for the ratings. It's so cute! The visuals of all the children's books are amazing. This is the best children's book blog our team reviewed! Amazing work.

16. Feed Your Fiction Addiction

The background image for this blog is so cute, we had to include it here for everybody to enjoy. The reviews are in depth and fun to read, formatted very nicely with bullet points and headings.

17. (un)Conventional Bookviews

We love that the reviews are split into intuitive sections about the story, plot, and even the writing style. Writing style is an often overlooked part of novels and this blog hits that right on the head.

18. Nocturnal Book Reviews

A tad less frequent with posting than some the other ones, but the quality of the books chosen as well as the reviews are very high. Also impressed that some of them have a review in Russian too!

19. Reading For Sanity

The sheer number of books that have been reviewed by this blog is quite amazing. There have been hundreds if not 1000+ books that have been reviewed here. The reviews are tagged by genere so it's very easy to short through author, genre, and titles.

20. Romance Junkies

A great blog for all things romance! We love that the blog splits reviews into multiple categories of romance making it easy for fanatics of a certain subset to find reviews. The blog also hosts constant Q&As and events!

21. Awful Library Books

This isn't just any book blog. It's a book blog from a librarian's perspective. There are amazing resources and articles for librarians on top of the insightful reviews. Reviews tend to be in the context of a library and also feature tons of photos of the book. Amazing!

22. Crime By The Book

We love the black and white clean blog. Makes it feel more mysterious and on theme. The blog is great at bringing in guests for interviews, book recs, reviews, and more. Each review includes a "verdict" which provides a very nice and tight summary of the review. Verdict: Great work!

23. Becky's Book Reviews

Becky covers a VERY wide range of genres and is one of the few blogs that includes early readers and picture books. Very few book blogs do this and that helps this one really stand out! The blog also covers classics and provides very easy to follow book lists.

24. Under the Covers Book Blog

This blog posts at a super high frequency and really brings their voice to each review. Very comprehensive and fun to read. The theme is reflected in the blog title, so you know what you're getting yourself into.

25. Rabid Reads

If you love Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and Young Adult, this blog is for you! They have absolutely gorgeous icons for categorization and special signatures to sign off their posts. A+ on creativity. Beautiful.

26. Bea's Book Nook

Another blog that is beyond gorgeous. Bea put a lot of effort into the illustration and design and it really paid off. It looks stunning. Even the font choices are great. The reviews are to-the-point and very well done. The blog also covers a lot of children's books. Awesome work!

27. Book Binge

Another beautifully designed blog. Gorgeous header and very active on posting and reviews. With pretty much a post every single day, you'll get your daily dose of great reviews and blog content!

28. Urban Fantasy Investigation

Most of the reviews are very direct and to the point. Gets the review and opinions across very quickly. Also includes a quick blurb that lets you see for yourself. We really liked the unique style this blog has.

29. Darkest Sins

We love seeing people get creative with branding, graphics, and symbols for their ratings. This blog gets it right! Some of these books are a little mature, so watch out kids, but the reviews are very well done and have a nice personal touch!

30. What's Better Than Books

We loved that this blog focused a lot on the author. Most posts mention the twitter and bio about the author as well as strong synopsis. Very author friendly and clearly loves the art! Very well done and beautiful blog.

31. Horror Maiden's Book Reviews

Not as active as most of the other blogs here, but very much worth mentioning because of the quality of the reviews. The reviews include a description, review, author bios, and also testimonials/praise. A lot of research clearly goes into each review.

32. Read All The Books

The reviews here are from a huge range of books from children's books to YA to adult to biographies. You really well find any type of book here. The reviews feature a lot of fonts and colors to help guide you on what each section is saying.

33. Cindy's Book Binge

This blog is gorgeous! Beautiful icons, beautiful font, wonderful site structure....amazing work! A perfect model for great design work on a book blog!

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