Broken Down

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thevioletpoet 🌙 written in the stars above✨
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When you feel so hopeless and lost... What do you do? Most of my writings are sad... so sorry! When life gives you lemons, you keep it and then never use it...

Broken Down

I've been holding back tears

I've been running from fears

It's so unclear

My voice is lost

My loved one's cost

Feeling so crossed

I've been feeling my worst

My volcano won't burst

My heads dropping in first

If I tell my amends

Would it go to friends

Would our ropes fall in the ends

Sorry that my posts are very depressing! This one I was listening to a song and this is what I wrote about it. Tell me what your favorite color is! Mine’s Black 🖤🖤🖤 I DONT CARE IF ITS A SHADE! lol goodbye!

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