I Don't Get Paid Enough For This
I Don't Get Paid Enough For This shortstorybash17 stories

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Sometimes... the graveyard shift isn't worth it, especially for minimum wage.

I Don't Get Paid Enough For This

by theurbanauthor

Since she started working at the gas station Casey felt there were a lot of things she didn't get paid enough for. Cleaning up some kid's pee off the floor after they couldn't hold it...

Dealing with annoying customers, and working long shifts. But fighting a lizard monster that was bigger than her two great danes combined? She definitely wasn't getting paid enough for that.

Especially not at 3 a.m.

And especially not armed with just a broom. Casey pressed her back to the snacks display. She had been at this for hours. So far she'd managed to annoy it with her broom, and she had three cuts.

Normally Casey wouldn't even be working the graveyard shift on a tuesday, but it's spring break and she wanted the extra cash. If she knew this was going to happen she would have rethought it.

The creature resembled the lizards that normally lived in the desert, this was Arizona after all, "If a lizard took a crap ton of steroids" Casey thought to herself.

The thing padded on all fours, its long unruly claws left deep scores in the tile. Even on all fours it stood just a few inches short of Casey's shoulders, and she was 5'4.

Its ugly face was the worst part.

Its eyes were bulbous with a watery sheen, but they still held the glare of a predator. Its huge maw was full of razor sharp teeth, its black tongue tracked her scent.

She heard its low growl as it neared her, she crawled to the next display as quietly as she could. Though not as quietly as she thought because it heard her.

Casey shrieked as it chased after her again, apparently intent on snacking on her flesh. She got to her feet and tried her broom again, feeling a small twinge of victory that she got its eye.

The jab to the eye seemed to slow it down enough that she could get behind the desk again. now that she was in the relative safety of the desk she traded her broom for her boss's aluminum bat.

Much Better. Now she took back all the times she ever teased him for being paranoid. she was caught in a vulnerable position when it arrived, she had been sweeping.

It had arrived with terrifying ferocity, it actually reared up on its hind legs and lunged for her. Casey thought that a miracle must have happened for her to be able to dodge it.

Now Casey had time to think, she had to kill that thing

But how? She heard is sniffing around a different part of the store, she had time. She looked up and saw the racks of sticky traps, and she looked to the freezer room door. Casey had a plan.

Casey was going to need a distraction first though. The creature seemed immensely interested in meat (specifically hers). There wasn't really a deli, but they had sandwiches.

"I can work with that," Casey thought.

She took the roast beef sandwiches and quickly pulled them apart, she threw the meat as far as she could, the creature took the bait. Casey seized her chance and set her trap.

Casey made quick work of setting the sticky traps down by the fridges, the creature was nearly done with its snack and would come for her next. It quickly caught her sent and came racing to her.

Casey made a mad dash for the freezer room door, the creature nearly followed her in but slamming its face with the heavy door seemed to do the trick.

Casey could see through to the store from behind the shelves, the creature followed her every move. Good. SHe walked to where she had set her trap- caught it!

Casey used her bat to open the door, she pushed as hard as she could on the shelf, it tipped and, "Yes! I did it!" her shout of joy came unbridled, she had actually crushed the beast!

But it wasn't over yet.

It still hissed and writhed from where it was trapped. Casey wasted no time bludgeoning it with her bat, she didn't stop until it stopped twitching, and some more after that for good measure.

Then Casey realized...

She had yet another mess to clean up, and it was way worse than kid pee. when her boss found her the next morning he said, "You actually killed it? Wow I oughtta give you a raise!"

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