My Goodbye
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When did it happen When did your love fade away

My Goodbye

When did it happen

When did your love fade away

When did our plans for the future

Disappear in the depths of our hearts

For months I've been clinging

To the hope of gaining your love back

But for months I've been aching

When I receive nothing but bitter responses

The pain is finally taking its toll

And the love-filled thoughts of us

Are just becoming lonely drunken nights

As I slowly give up hope

I always believed you were my soulmate

But maybe that's because you're my first love

So I just assume nobody can make me feel

The happiness and love like you did

Logically I know one day I'll be over you

But as of now

That day seems to be in the far future

Like the thought of financial stability

Maybe a part of me will always love you

And maybe that's okay

But I can no longer allow the thought of us

To keep holding me back

It's time for me to accept what happened

To accept you no longer love me

So I may continue my life

And bloom to be a better person

So, my dear

This is my goodbye

A farewell to you

And a so-long to us

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