When You Grow Up
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thestranger "Tears that soak a callous heart."
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A story for my little sister.

When You Grow Up

by thestranger

When you grow up, everything changes.

Some things are better. Some things are worse. I wish I could protect you from everything, but I can't. I guess I can only offer you some small pieces of advice.

Dresses are overrated.

Your Prom dress isn't as important as your wedding dress, and your wedding dress isn't as important as your sanity.

They'll tell you to grow up, be mature, act your age.

Do all that, but when it matters, when things are too much to handle, be a child again. Cry and wail. Play pretend. Be ridiculous and laugh about it. It keeps you alive.

One day, I'll tell you.

I'll tell you why I had to go to the hospital. I don't know what you'll think of me when you hear it. I hope you don't hold your sadness in. I hope you make them hear you.

"I love you" is not an excuse.

Don't let him tell you that it's okay because he loves you, or that you owe it to him, or that he needs it. Don't let her tell you that, either.

Question yourself.

Explore every facet of you that there is or ever may be. Try new coffee. Wear strange clothes. Do your hair fast and messy. Find your expression and build and mold and evolve it.

It'll seem like my life is perfect.

I've been alive 13 years longer than you have. I'm long past the things you're struggling with now. My life isn't the measuring stick. I'm not the standard.

Live bold and fierce. Live quiet and unassuming.

You'll know which one to be in the seasons of your life. I trust you to know. And if you don't know, I trust you to learn. That's all I could ever hope for you to do--learn.

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