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This is a lucky girl , after the richest boy in her town falls head over heels for her much he changes her name too. But things just start getting UGLY!!


It had been a while since I sat alone with a cup of coffee on the polished furniture set on  the marble floors , but this was not how I always lived   . My house was what you would call crooked , it was always having its own problem whatsoever . water dripping from the roof , no room for even one person and so on.

My mum was a sweeper  , and you would see her sweeping all around our little town. In the railway station , the bus stand , some rich men's houses  . We were not exactly poor , at least that is what she said. She used to take me in an amusement park in the nearby city , on that particular occasion which was my birthday she used to buy me all kinds of different clothes but they all came with a rule .

I could never wear that new clothes anywhere near the town . And it wasn't so hard to keep up with , at least not until I met Ganev . Ganev Raistem , the richest merchant's son . He was a spoiled brat and always used to bully all the people around the school , we both started visiting the same school when mom got her first raise after sweeping super hard .

Ganev was not exactly a person to like not until he takes an oath to keep you safe and protected . That is what he did that day when I fell down a staircase , he rushed down the stairs and horrified looked at the blood tickling down my forehead . He ran to call the teachers screaming all the way, I was soon okay and keeping up with it .

Nothing much some boy called robert just pushed me down the stairs , he didn't visit school after that incidence . That day onwards Ganev said that he would never let anyone even a foot closer to me , and that is when the real thing started .

He was obsessed , he was scared and always kept looking for me . so much that I had become the discussion of the town . he even gave me a new name and he made sure that everyone in the town even my own mother called me escardia

Escardia meant staircase in Brazilian Portuguese ,the same staircase I had fallen down that day . From that day onwards my mom suddenly started getting regular raises , Ganev bought me new clothes and that is when our world turned upside down .

Luxury , cars , clothes , makeup ….I was so obsessed with the little gifts that Ganev brought me that I forgot that the people around us had started disappearing . My mother didn't come to see me anymore , Ganev said that she and his parents had gone together for a vacation

I believed it , but soon the maids and the cab drivers and the cooks all started going on 'vacation' . I didn't know what was up , not until one day Ganev was gone too .

And I knew just the spot he had gone vacationing , so I packed my bags and walked over the thick bushes and towards an abandoned building , it was our school , the new school where I first met Ganev and the place my life turned around .

They all had gone vacationing at the same destination , what a pleasure . They were just there  sleeping peacefully , under the ESCARDIA !! 

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