SCP Document File: SCP-5660
SCP Document File: SCP-5660 scp stories

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SCP Document File: SCP-5660

SCP Document File #1

Clearance Level: 2

Object #: SCP-5660

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-5660 is to be kept in a completely dark room except for dim lights surrounding the middle layer of the walls. The SCP is to be watched at all times.

The room must be completely dark so that the SCP does not escape. It must be watched at all times so that it does not escape.

The containment procedures seem to be working well but from research, SCP-5660 should have the ability to escape anytime it wants.

SCP Description

SCP-5660 is a humanoid object. Different SCPs from SCP-5660 (SCP-5660-A and so on) can vary from 4 to 100 feet high. SCP-5660 appears as a shadow. It has no facial features or skin.

Some SCPs from SCP-5660 (SCP-5660-A and so on) might have hands and feet. Most do not.SCP-5660 can teleport depending on its surroundings.SCP-5660 can not go into any form of light.

SCP-5660 can not appear towards any personnel that does not recognize its existence.

If one personnel that recognizes SCP-5660s existence but is accompanied by other personnel then SCP-5660 can not appear towards any personnel.

SCP-5660 will attempt to kill any personnel that is aware of its existence. SCP-5660 will try to kill personnel worse each time they encounter it.

Though SCP-5660 tries to kill any personnel aware of its existence it is still unknown if SCP-5660 can do any harm to the personnel.

SCP-5660 has the ability to interact with normal weapons such as guns, knives, and bats.

Some SCPs that come from SCP-5660 use weapons while others use parts from their bodies such as claws, sharp teeth, and shapeshifting.

SCP-5660 has the ability to enter into a personnel's dreams and mind. The personnel will experience it as a normal dream and move on with their life.

Though with this ability SCP-5660 can be completely unpredictable and unstable. SCP-5660 might have relations with other SCPs.

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