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Ducks are always watching, they wait until it's the right time to attack. Or at least that's how I view ducks. But, overall ducks are scary and mean.


It was a normal spring break day. I was sitting on the floor playing video games. While I was playing mom walked up to me and said, "Please shut off those video games.

It's a nice sunny day outside." Mom always told me things like this. She thought that it was nice to go outside every day and breath the fresh air. I thought the opposite.

Which is why I replied, "Mom I'm perfectly fine sitting here. The air in the house is just as fresh as the air outside. And it's a little too sunny outside.

Also, I'm going to get mosquito bites and the ducks... they're always watching."

"What? Ducks?" Mom said. "It will be so much better to be outside instead of playing video games all day. In fact, get dressed."

"For what?" I asked. I had no idea why Mom would want me to get dressed. We weren't even going to go anywhere. At least I hope.

Mom replied to my question with, "Because we're going to the park. So go get dressed." My heart dropped. I always had a fear of going to the park. Not because of getting hurt.

Or because of the kids or anything. It's because of the ducks. Yes, it might sound weird, but ever since I was a little kid I've always been afraid of ducks.

The way their long necks reach out and peck things. Their beady black eyes. It just makes me shiver. It's like they're always watching me. Somewhere, somehow watching me.

They could even be watching me right now- "Are you ready yet!!!!" Mom yelled from the kitchen.

"I'm just finishing." I lied. I wasn't even in my room. So I dashed to my room and put on my clothes as fast as I could. I was still thinking about those ducks. They were like government spies.

Watching me through my paintings, my phone, even from inside my walls. I could hear their quacks.

When I finished putting on my clothes I walked to the car. Mom, of course, was excited to go to the park. I just leaned against the car door. Thinking of a plan to avoid the ducks.

But, then I looked over to my side and saw that mom had brung a bag full of bread with her. "Mom, why did you bring bread? It's not like we're going to feed the ducks. Right?" I asked worryingly.

"Actually, we are going to feed the ducks. It has been a really long time since the last time we fed them," Mom said. Each of those sentences was a gunshot in the heart.

I can't imagine even being 10 feet close to a duck, or a goose, or a swan. They were going to peck my eyes out!!

In 15 minutes we reached the park. I got out of the car eyeing the ducks. Just in case one of them tried to get me. I looked all around me. Mom got the bread from out of the car.

But she was already taking a piece of bread out. I was wondering why. But then I heard it. QUACK! QUACK QUACK! Slowly I turned around. There it was. Not even inside the actual park yet.

There was a duck. Just as scary as I imagined. Long neck to reach out and eat bread? Check. Scary beak that will peck my eyes out? Check.

Black beady eyes that will let the duck stare me down? Check.

Everything about the duck was terrifying. And now there is one standing right in front of me. I just started walking away. But when I started walking the duck did too. Still staring me down.

Still waiting to peck my eyes out. I just ran around the car but so did the duck. This beast was chasing me now. I was still running with the duck behind me. It was squawking it was quacking.

It was rampaging through.

I started to get tired and the duck was catching up to me. I slowed down from full out sprint to a jog to a slow walk and finally, I stopped. The duck was still running at me with full speed.

But thankfully Mom came to the rescue. She shoed the duck away. After that Mom said to me, "I didn't know you were afraid of ducks. If you would have told me we wouldn't have gone to the park.

" We got into the car and drove home. I got to go back to playing my video games. But I still fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is out there watching my every move.

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