Murder on the Saga Ruby
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Chapter One The Good, the Bad and the Okay

Murder on the Saga Ruby

Chapter One

The Good, the Bad and the Okay

Hazy sunlight filtered over the Saga Ruby as it pulled into the dock. Two hundred passengers waited to get aboard this tiny, but beautiful cruise ship.

The Saga Ruby was about to go on a two week cruise from South Carolina to Venice.

Drew Rockefeller adjusted his long grey overcoat nervously. In two days, he was going to have a meeting with the police captain, Robert Van Doren.

A meeting that would change his whole future; Drew Rockefeller was trying to become lead investigator for the FBI.

Joseph Astor, fidgeted with the gun in his pocket as he waited impatiently to board the ship. It was necessary for him to carry a firearm at all times now.

After all, he was in hiding; not from the authorities, but his own brother, Curtis Astor, over a fake autopsy report.

Regardless, Joseph Astor was anxious about being out in public, as though his brother or a hit man that he hired would come out of nowhere and kill him.

He brushed his curly dark brown hair out of his eyes and told himself not to worry.


A loud voice blaring out from a microphone made them all jump.

“We will be boarding the ship in a minute. Listen now from Captain Lynch for safety instruction before we leave.”

A different voice spoke through the microphone.

“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for choosing Prince Royalty cruises. Now if I could have your attention for a few minutes.”

While the captain droned on and on about safety procedures, the young couple next to Joseph started to kiss.

’Just Married’ was scrawled on both of their suitcases in pink paint, above ‘Mr and Mrs Morgan’.

What a waste of good suitcases, Joseph thought, feeling uncomfortable.

Rebecca Windsor, a twenty eight year old black woman with bright blue eyes, brushed her braids off her shoulder. She wore a long summer dress with white heels.

Rebecca was here with her best friend, Edward Merka; a exceptionally handsome man with brown hair and eyes.

Like Rebecca, he was dressed in causal clothes; white shirt with brown shorts and sandals.

The ship was magnificent. Drew Rockefeller had only been on the Saga Ruby one hour and he already felt at home.

First he went up to his room, 8137 and unpacked, then he went to get a drink at the South Cape Bar and now he was sitting in the Britannia lounge, reading.

Around him, people socialized and kids played. The Saga Ruby had left dock.

Chapter Two will come soon.

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