in these walls
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thesadmermaids Writing down my side of the story
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in these walls

by thesadmermaids

I am trapped In the walls That I put up On my own I did not want it To be here Cornering me In every step I take Every brick I see a memory I hear a voice I feel a hand

These walls Weaken me With the love I once had They tear me down Every night When the wind is still And my mind awakens I want this feeling To die In these walls That was built

Be gone So I may leave Why don’t it Just leave I do not want Another tear wasted To fall on my pillow And just disappear I do not want Another piece Of my heart Broken

I cannot take Another day Still thinking Of you I just want it To stop Please just let me Let me go I want to leave These walls That you left me with To suffer

I can no longer Bare the pain That these feelings Are killing me with - maira x

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