Violets & Guns

therinamartinsWriter and Friend
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Violets & Guns

by therinamartins

We play with guns-

Brandishing them in jest. Fools! Claim not them to be violets!

Mock a spark

And war will naturally follow. As simple as hay with a spark, So will nation against brother toil

We are weak

We start a fire, yet shy away when it brightly glares- Burning, raging, destroying... And ancient ones roll in their graves Groaning at our stupidity.

Did they die for naught?

Did they play and ramble with nonsense? Did they spill their precious blood- Willingly openiñg hand of all their loves- For nothing?

No! Again I say:

Fools! Don't mistake war with peace. Don't die for play. Don't waste your brother's life for jest.

Violets are flowers. And guns are guns.

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therinamartinsSilver CommaWriter and Friend
a year agoReply
@bernardtwindwil @lentis @sydney @KatieFlemmings , thank you!

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
a year agoReply
wow what a powerful message. great job Rina!!

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
a year agoReply
Oh my sweet child, I feel like you wrote this for me. Before I went to war, I was stridently involved in the civil rights movement. Today it seems like it was for nothing. After I Ieft Laos, 700,000 of the Hmong people I fought and bled for were systematicall exterminated by the Pathet Lao. You and others like you have restored my faith. My world is going to be OK when I am gone. Thank you for being you.

AteefahWriter and poet.
a year agoReply

lentisSilver CommaIf there's food, there's me
a year agoReply
so many great symbols here!