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by therinamartins

You were walking...

Walking away from me...your suitcase in hand...your cap under your arm. I knew why you were here. I knew why you went. You walked away to complete your order and duty like a man.

Our eyes met, and you smiled.

You never knew my name, nor I yours. We were strangers in a world we tried to live in. But you smiled at me that day. In the midst of the crowd you singles me out. And showed me kindness.

We may never meet again...

I knew that the instance I saw your uniform. Fate was unknown to both of us- Maybe that's why we never talked...we never exchanged numbers...or sat side by side. I was afraid, and so were you.

But I loved you.

When you stood to go, I watched you still, wondering where you would be stationed. If you had a family, and why you chose to go. I would never dream of you as a lover- No.

I chose not to give you my heart.

Instead, I gave you my friendship, if we were ever to meet again. I gave you my prayers, that you would stay safe amid all the pain you would pass through.

Would that make me cruel?

Insensitive, hard, cold-hearted? Would it make me less of a human? Love comes in many ways, I suppose, though we mostly think on romantic terms. I would never love you like that.

You were a brother.

You reminded me of him. With your stance, with your air, your smile, and windswept hair- He never went, neither would go to pick up arms by free will. But what if he had? Or my own father?

Would I have watched them go?

Would I have sat here, wondering- worrying about them? Praying that they would return home safe? Would I have feared over any phone call? My heart thundering if perhaps...?

Then I saw you.

In your clean, crisp blues. Tall. Proud. Faithful in any duty. Would there be someone crying every night to God that you'd return alive? Someone in sleepless nights, praying for you?

Your road is a hard one...

A brave one. A faithful one. An honorable one. But risks do you take that prove your worth. Risks that could send many to cry at a white tombstone with your name on it.

Be strong, my friend.

Be brave. Be true. To God and yourself. Love all you can, pray for whoever you can think of, ask Good to protect them.

For I will do the same.

As will your family. As will your sweetheart, if you have one. As will the church you have attended. As will all who meet you.

And, please....

Come back home.

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There are many people who are passing through this. This poem is to show them , they're not alone.

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