Quotes that Changed My Life
Quotes that Changed My Life fun stories

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Quotes that Changed My Life

by therinamartins

Limit Breaker

"You set and you break your own limits, so don't let others tell you what you can and can't do." - unknown author

Heart Truth

"It takes two hearts to truly be bonded, but it takes only one heart to break the other." - Rina Martins

Two Roads...Which?

"If you can't decide on which road to take, go against the stream and trail your own one." - Rina Martins

Bridge of Light

"A friend helps you along a narrow path, but a best friend holds the rope bridge for you to cross." - unknown author

Snowy Days

"When the snowstorm tries to hold you in, stuff yourself with hand warmers and plow through it." - tumblr user

True Freedom

"The only freedom you can have is when you say no to yourself, stop whining, and grow up." - my father

When in Rome...

"When the 'when in rome' line gets old, migrate to Athens." - tumblr user

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