No Barriers
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therinamartins Writer, Friend, Daydreamer, Lover of Art
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No Barriers

by therinamartins

They say I don't have it in me

to fight for my dreams, to make my dreams my goals, to burn a trail through a place where there is none. Father, they beat me down, make my heart ache, and bring me to my knees.

And its always on my knees that I find rest.

That I find the strength to get back up, and try again, even if i still get heart. It's on my knees that I find the way to fighting harder, even though my tactics are spent. A silent fight.

A fight that will take me to stand on mountains

Even if I have to stand alone. But even there I'll never be alone. My fortress, my strength, my song, my life. You are, and you have always been.

Lord, you see me clearly.

And you know that these trials are for the best, to make me stronger, to make me keep my eyes on you, to make me understand that you are always in control.

Keep me forever on my knees. Always holding on to you.

That I forget not where I've been, or who has helped me.

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