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Song lyrics to a song of mine. Enjoy!

My Beating Heart

by therinamartins

My beating heart...

Thundering like drums in my chest- Darling, don't you see? I can beat a rythm for you. It simple like 1, 2, 3, Beat a beat, And I'll finish for you.

So, don't back, back, back down from me-

Shake it up, show your moves, Baby, I wanna dance with you. Keep me high, don't take me down- Oh, you're my masterpiece. My perfect tune- Sweetheart, You're my beating heart.

You think you're big,

Man, you've got a lot to learn! No one can dance to a heart tune When they're all alone. Dance it now, show me what you've got- And maybe I'll dance with you.

So don't back, back, back down from me-

Tap it out, love, beat it strong, I'll make my record with you. Keep it steady, don't rush, We'll get to the chorus soon!


My beat-beat-beating heart, Can't stop tapping for you. Go for it, don't be afraid, Surprise me if you can My beat-beat-beating heart

So don't, don't, don't back down

Darling, only you, you, you can make My heart beat, beat, beat- My beating heart is yours Make me your masterpiece

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