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Life on Rina Martins

by therinamartins

I grew up in about eight countries.

Growing up was interesting because I got to know several cultures and lots of people, as well as learning three languages.

In my spare time I read, write, blog, and study.

I initially got into this because I wanted to be a published author since I was fifteen.

My proudest moment was when

one of my closest friends absolutely loved one of my stories and fanned me all the way.

My dream is to become an international bestseller author.

I want to inspire people, to show them that the only limitations are those you place upon yourself..

Now, I am a student.

I am finishing my senior year in high school.

I'm looking forward to continue writing.

I'm excited about this because I will have more time to immerse completely in my works. I will also have time to get personal with my fans and grow as a known author.

What I Write...

Mostly YA and new adult, as well as some romance and fantasy.

Where You Can Find Me:

You can find me on Twitter, Wattpad, Instagram, Tumblr, and under the same username: therinamartins

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