Keeping Hope Alive
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therinamartinsWriter, Friend, Daydreamer, Lover of Art
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Keeping Hope Alive

by therinamartins

I've always been a hopeful person.

I've tried to see things on the brighter side of life, cherishing simple things, loving things which people overlook on daily basis.

I've tried to make classic shine brand new.

Showing people that no matter how old a thing can be, there is never an end. The end only comes when you decide it to come. However, you can also decide whether it will remain eternal.

I've loved books.

Did you know that being a writer for me also meant keeping the hope of past writers alive? Theyhave paved the way for better literature, but over the years we've parted form their precedents

Hope is like a stone.

A beautiful, small stone that only you can hold and keep safe. I've taken the pledge to keep it safe and show it to everyone who wants to see it. I keep it alive.

I don't need Pandora's box,

I have hope ever blossoming inside of me. I am Pandora's box. And even when I open up to show people hope, I will never lose it.

Don't lose hope.

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