Crashing Worlds
Crashing Worlds immortality stories

therinamartinsWriter and Friend
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Crashing Worlds

by therinamartins

Feathery touches, gentle caresses,

Sweet kisses, turned sour.

Careful words, Lovely blossoms of the mind,

Once so beautifully nurtured, rotten and empty.

Innocent eyes, genuine smiles,

Tiny hands, finding their way to immorality so quick.

Once a world perfect, a flower mid the desert sand,

Now a crashing wave in the ocean, here now, gone then. A whiff of vapor, scattered in the breeze in a moment's notice.

Our crashing worlds, toppling over each other,

Fighting, grappling, rebelling against each other. A never ending cycle of immorality A question hanging in thin air without support.

Our crashing worlds, our crashing worlds, our crashing world

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