Blue Lillyflower
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Please vote!I really need this mentorship!

Blue Lillyflower

by therinamartins

How far will you run, my love?

With your locks bouncing in the sunnyshine? Sweetheart, come and take my hand, Show me the pleasures of this earth An adult does miss with everyday's cares.

Show me the wonders seen from your little heart.

The innocent beauty only you can see. Teach me to return to my previous purity. To cherish the tiny thistle, and the lone tree. To admire how the clouds play in the sky.

My little lillyflower- my dearest

I see what I once was in your eyes- In your wonder awed eyes. Let me learn again to be wondered- Amazed- Entranced by it all.

Show me that the trials are fleeting

That there is no care greater than loving each other. Take my hand, oh little lillyflower. Lead me in the happiest of ways, lush and pure. Make my heart flutter as it once did.

With the simplest of beauty I see.

And force me to remember when I worried not. When I was once as carefree as you, my love. When I ran in glee and pleasure, Rejoicing the splendor around me.

When darkness was a rarity.

My tiny blue lillyflower- My sweetest, My love, my dear. Will I ever see the way you do? Will I ever love the way you do? Will I ever?

So, stay with me, my blue lillyflower.

Let your child light shine on me. Brighten my eyes, Open my barred doors. Teach me to love again.

Please vote!

This poem was written for the poetry slam with the mentorship prizes. If you think I deserve it, please vote and comment. I'd really appreciate your support and help.

I wrote this peom for my niece.

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