Being a Food Junkie Isn't the End of the World
Being a Food Junkie Isn't the End of the World teenwriterchamps stories

therinamartins Writer, Friend, Daydreamer, Lover of Art
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Being a Food Junkie Isn't the End of the World

by therinamartins

I love food.

Yeah, I know. Typical food lover here! But how many of us love it , but hide the truth because we want to fit in?

I eat because I like to eat.

But people look down on me because of it. What?! Why?! Am I inhuman to love the way food tastes, its textures, and endless loop and slips that make my tastebuds burst in ecstasy?

I love it. I cherish it. I savour it.

Is it a crime? Is it an offense to have a soft spot for food?

Food was once considered an art.

Today, it is considered a hazard to beauty. Beauty? Is beauty more important than life? Than living a good, tasty life?

Who are you to say I can't?

Is it your body, per say? Do you have to maintain it? Does it make you anxious to get it up to "scale?"

I know how far I can go.

And i know what my own beauty scale is. So please....

Don't ruin the pleasure of others.

Let me indulge in my love while I may.

I know when I go too far.

And I promise I won't. But please don't dictate what we can and can't eat.

That's for me to know.

And you to find out on your own body.

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