A Map Unfolded
A Map Unfolded friendshipday stories

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Please read and vote! Happy Friendship Day y'all!

A Map Unfolded

by therinamartins

I was never the best of friend makers.

I was of few friends, a mystery to unfold. It hurt to see how easily others made friends and I didn't. I held secrets behind my eyes, I kept my thoughts to myself.

I was a lone star.

Barely glistening in a sparkling sky. I found myself hidden behind a barrier that never existed.

Until the day I grew up.

I found my value. I found my worth. I found the truth behind friends. And I understood that I wasnt hard to make friends with.

I was wise, though I knew it not.

I watched I listened, and I judged. Friends are many, but true friends are eternal. I didn't make friends.

I made best friends.

Friends I could trust in no matter what. Friends who would stick by me through thick and thin. Friends I could call almost family. Special, but rare.

My heart isn't cold, or hard, or lonely.

It's shattered in a hundred pieces, given to the ones who are worthy for my respect, my love, my honor, my friendship.

Happy Friendship Day!

Please share to all your friends, or, if you're shy, give it a thumbs up, and I'll be very grateful.

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