Guabancex, or The Lady of the Winds
Guabancex, or The Lady of the Winds poem stories

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A poem about Hurricane María. It's my first post here lol please go easy on me <3
PS: All the images (except the titular one) are of Puerto Rico!

Guabancex, or The Lady of the Winds

I feel her stir and stroke her hand.

My plan is to sedate her, gently bait her to sleep,

Just a while longer, to somewhere deep,

Where she can keep to her dreams and in those dreams recede.

The seams of this island

Are too fragile for her agile hands.

When she wakes, she shakes mountains,

And tangles the sky by the locks of her hair.

And sighs of rain--alert, at her thunderous applause--

May as well be daggers for the damage they cause.

We'd barely survived her, so I now lay beside her.

I wrap her in lullabies, so life may thrive despite her.

I feel her stir, and stroke her hand.

There was only ever this feeble plan.

The seas are calm; it's barely dawn.

I hold my breath and she slumbers on.

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