The End
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therainier Amateur writer and poet. Bye feelings!
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*Warning* Explicit Content

The End

by theRainier


They say I’m lying That it’s just for attention From the inside I’m dying Then they put me in detention

It’s simply the truth I’m dealing with The cause of my fucking mood But you think I’m full of shit

I should’ve just done it In silence, as you said That’s not what I did I’m not dead yet

Well, I ain’t playing Not in good fun I’ll repeat what I was saying With all of it, I’m done

Living life sucks With this mental disease I’d rather have cancer And my mind at ease

Be hit by a truck A car, a train Hang myself maybe Does that take away the pain?

Unable to understand The suffering I’m in Experienced at first hand? My existence a sin?

At least that’s what I feel So very unreal, cannot deal with the situation The day, nothing more than a mindless occupation

My brain on autopilot My mouth is shut My heart, a riot My skin, scars I cut

Just let me go in vain With my last values left No longer restrained C’mon listen! Are you deaf?!

Reality its confusion and illusion I can’t handle it no more My final conclusion Let me pass through that door

Or rather in the sky, a gate Where jesus might wait Or underneath my feet And Satan will greet

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