The Dream Last Night
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therainierAmateur writer and poet. Bye feelings!
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This dream about my cousin…

The Dream Last Night

by theRainier

Last night I had a dream which was intensely emotional

Different emotions started to occur and came crashing in from every direction

The images forged by my imagination were extremely vivid and unspeakably clear

My unconscious mind seems to be struggling with reality and its harshness

The dream kept lingering through my thoughts the entire day

Every time I tried to get out of the sea, the current started pulling me back to the very start

This happened over and over and over and it is still happening now

How does it come to this point? How does it become so obsessive? How does it become so unbearable?

After I woke up, I wasn’t certain if I had woken up or if I were still dreaming

The boundaries of reality and fiction were devoured by the severest dissonance

It is terrifying to be aware of the fact that your ability of judgement isn’t trustworthy

It causes you to be in extreme and utter misery

Whilst being extraordinarily self-aware, yet knowledge is your weakness and enemy

Everything becomes unreasonable...

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