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therainierAmateur writer and poet. Bye feelings!
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In Pieces

by theRainier

In pieces My mind is aching My heart is aching My body is aching

You could say that I’m suffering Pain on the inside and out A symphony of despair or something With every breath my time is running out

A skin that is slowly starting to fall apart I collect all the dead pieces under my nails Like a all the clogged up filth inside my heart It leaves me scarless, no trails

I think I’m not a fan of self-harm Yet, ideas start popping up in my mind My thoughts are such a charm Graceful, warm and kind

The muscles are stiffing up Useless and unmovable is my body Let’s fill up an other cup And forget my sorrows instantly

My mind is hallucinating My heart is pounding My body is numbing In peace

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